The adjustable type in Ds PLKD48-64s electricity controls the foam – water two use thr fire fight firecrackers

This migration disappears the waterproof artillery in the introduction overseas vanguard technology new product. Uses in suppressing the solid matter fire, suitable to provide in the fire engine, the fire space which places and the fire engine and so on petroleum chemical industry, wharf cannot enter, is at present the more advanced mobile temperature decrease equipment.
The artillery has the firing distance to be far, the simplicity of operator is nimble, when spraying the stable performance is good, and may realize the localization. with the aim of causing the fire fighters to evacuate the scene risk area the superiority.




Air PP24-32 Foam fire fight firecrackers
This fire monitor is fire–fighting product with advanced level in the world. it can sprit air foam as well as water. Air foam is used to extinguish fire caused by solid materials. The fire monitor can be fixed on fire appliance, fire boats, oiltankers, docks and many other places, it is an ideal extinguishing epuipment by far. it has long range and is of simple and flexible operation. Furthermore, it can be located to secure fire personals to qust the fire scene.


Adjustable type in Ds PS30-50D fire fight water firecrackers
The multi –function fire monitor is new fire-fighting product with advanced level in the world. it is used to extinguish the fire caused by general solid materials. It can be fixed in fire appliance, fire boats and long range, multi –function and making straight stream to 90, freely adjustable fog flow,
flexible and convenient operating. the body of the Monitor can be ratated horizontally or vertically , and can be located to help fire personnals leaving the fire scene.




Adjustable type fire fight water firecrackers
That product establishes to equip from the Release, used for allsituations of the high and cold region especially. And make toile the quality with the water , long-distance leave to extinguish fire of extinguish fire the equipments. Should dry by heat to be applicable to the petroleum chemical engineering Business enterprise and keep an area, hangar , warehouse , port wharf etc. .place . also the fire engine is ideal of the car carries the fire fight firecrackers.





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