Dräger Pac®series 3500/5500/7000

The dragger pac series combine fast, accurate single gas detection with ease of use and reliable results. These handy and robust instruments use the latest miniature Drager sensor technology. Offering easy , single-handed operation each instrument provides continuo’s, clear results and unmistakable alarms. The Drager Pac 3500 and Pac 5500 are ideal for personnel monitoring applications in various industries and provide fast detection of hydrogen sulphide , oxygen or carbon monoxide. With the Drager pac7000 number of additional harmful concentrations can be detected such as CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO, PH3, SO2, or organic vapors.



Dräger X-am® 2000

Dräger X-am® 2000 is personal 4-gas instrument for simultaneous detection of toxic or combustible gases and vapors as well as CO2, Co and H2S.

Small size, simple in use and low weight make the instrument ideal for personal protection.



Dräger X-am® 5000

Dräger X-am® 5000 is personal multigas instrument for the detection of up to 5 different gases.

A combination of more than 15 different sensors makes it possible to detect combustible gases and vapors, oxygen and toxic gases such as CO, H2O, CO2 , CL2, HCN , NH3, NO2, PH3 and SO2


Dräger X-am® 5600

Featuring an ergonomic design and innovative infrared sensor technology, the Drager X-am 5600 is smallest gas detection instrument for the measurement of up to 6 gases . ideal for personal monitoring applications , this robust and water-tight detector provides accurate, reliable measurements of explosive, combustible and toxic gases and vapors as well as oxygen





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