Fire King Foam Cabinet


FIREKING Foam cabinet Model/9000 is characterized for its high performance for attacking class A, B fires within seconds.


Its designed for single man operation. Highly efficient in gas stations, petro-chemicals plant, industrial premises, warehouse and in any areas, requires protection from A and B fires.


Cabinet Design

Cabinet and door leaves are made of electro-galvanized steel of thickness 1mm to 2mm, which depends upon the use and client’s requirements.


Cabinets are with all around folded edges without any sharp and burrs. The roof is slop type. Cabinets painting are done by electrostatic powder coating process, oven baked to temperature between 160ËšC-20ËšC.


Stainless steel model also available upon request


Cabinets Components

Superior quality, 100% synthetic jacket hose, the outer fabric is made of circular woven synthetic of tropical rubber applied by means of a special vulcanizing technique ensures long life, elasticity, and flexibility. Hose size 1.5×30meter length, wrapped on swinging hose reel.


Hose reel is made of 1.2mm electro-galvanized steel sheet and pressed outer edge of the reel is rolled over to give a safe handling edge on the outer rims. The reel is mounted on swinging arm.


2” Brass, control gate valve, 2” Foam proportioner, and inductor. Foam branch pipe with shut of control valve made of stainless steel, handle made of hard rubber, can throw foam between 15-20 meter depends on line pressure. Also can be used as water jet pump.


2” nos. Canisters, each with 20 liter 3% foam concentrate.

Different types of foam concentrates are available upon request








1120mm Slopped Roof














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