For Firefighting Equipment and Systems
(Grade "A" Company)

Fire King Companies Group for Fire Fighting equipment and Public Safety holds the owner ship for a group of factories worldwide,
- FIREKING.UK in Wells, UK under registration No. 7814137
- FIREN.SPAIN in Spain for Fire Fighting Equipment and Safety under registration No. 242352
- Ras Al Khaimah Factory for Fire Fighting Equipment (Fire King) in UAE under registration No. 4954
- Fire King Company (King of Fire Fighting) for Fire Fighting Equipment and Public Safety was established in Baghdad, Iraq in 1941
- Fire King Factory/ Chamber of Industry/ General Electrical Industries Company (Investment)
- Al Salamah Fire Extinguishing Material Training, UAE under registration No. 28201

We don’t just offer the latest technology in the field of Fire Fighting Equipment and Systems worldwide, with wide varieties of usage and multiple purposes. We, also, offer installation services and technical support, before and after sale. We also offer technical support programs through technical counseling to attain best solutions as per your requirements.

State Company
For Electrical Industries
State company for electrical industries is one of the divisions of the ministry of industry and minerals (founded in 1967) and have always been in leading position among other local industries.
The company have also managed throughout the 40 years it have been working in; to accumulate expertise in all departments (technical and managerial), and to keep being updated the company (with co-operation with FireKing company) have established a specialized factory for fire fitting equipments, general safety and early alarms

Our Products : 

-All types of foam, carbon dioxide and dry chemical (powder) extinguishers and its cabinets.
-Fire fighter clothing as Brush Pants, Rescue Coats, Bunker gears and uniforms.
-Fire equipment & tools as fire hose, nozzles, fillings and lighting and its Closets.
-Firefighting systems and smoke Alarms powered by battery and electricity.
-First Aid Kits, fire blankets and more.
-Support, installation and maintenance section with six months guarantee.
-Equip fire trucks from worldwide manufacturers.
-Specially designed extinguishers for computer rooms


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